Wing Launches Leadership Library

  • Published
  • By Maj Andrea Morris
  • 931 ARW

MCCONNELL AIR FORCE BASE, Kansas --The 931st Air Refueling Wing launched the first-ever wing Leadership Library on May 14, with an eclectic variety of titles available to Airmen and civilians of all ranks.

In 2018, Air Force Reserve Commander Lt. Gen. Richard Scobee issued his strategic priorities, with the second objective being to “Develop Resilient Leaders.” This has been accomplished by implementing developmental programs that provide our Airmen the tools to operate independently, develop their emotional intelligence, build trust in their units, and to take smart risks to generate combat power in tomorrow’s battlespace.

The 931st Air Refueling Wing has done this by creating an in-house Leadership Library. “Having our very own leadership library means many of those “keys to success” are more readily at your fingertips,” said Col. Phil Heseltine, 931st Air Refueling Wing Commander. “The library offers a vital resource for our Airmen in their journey to becoming better versions of themselves. “ 

“When I was teaching at the Profession of Arms Center of Excellence, many Airmen and civilians in the audience asked how they could get the same books I was reading on leadership development,” explains Lt. Col. Matt Basler, Director of the 931st Mission Support Group.  “That’s when I realized that these titles should be made available to Airmen and civilians of all ranks and not just senior leadership.”           

Located in the Mission Support Group (MSG) command section (Building 795), there are more than 150 books and DVDs to choose from. To check out a book or DVD, simply go to the MSG SharePoint site ( and choose the book or resource.  Participants can reserve and check out items online and then pick them up at their convenience.  Each book or DVD has a 30-day initial check-out period.  Should a person desire to keep the item longer, simply re-check it out if it is not already reserved by another individual.  There is also an area on the SharePoint site to suggest books for future purchase. 

“There is something for everyone in the leadership library. I am not just talking about military leadership and I am not just talking about leadership in general.” Said Senior Master Sgt. Heath Stark, 931st Air Refueling Wing IGI Superintendent. “We can’t fix problems that we can’t see. The leadership library has helped me see some blind spots that I have in my relationships.”

“I agree that even though it is called ‘The Leadership Library,’ what is available here is learning how to CONNECT,” said Lt. Col. Suzanne Jones, 931st Air Refueling Wing Chief of Safety. “And connection is something that has become a major part of leadership development. We cannot help others meet their goals and achieve their potential without truly understanding them. Reading books like these can teach us how to be curious about others and to actually listen, as best we can, without distorting the message with our own biases.”

The Leadership Library will continue to grow as books are continuously added to the updated list.  Lt Col Basler has high hopes for what he feels the library can offer to future leaders in the 931st Air Refueling Wing.  “I sometimes feel like I’m climbing a mountain without a top,” he explains.  “I’m always trying to get a little better, a little higher, but I’ll never get to the point where I’m perfect and know it all.  I feel every Airman out there – no matter his or her rank – can use this library to get a little better.”