ALRS Commuter Cutoffs for 2017

  • Published
  • By Senior Airman Preston Webb
  • 931st Air Refueling Wing Public Affairs
Many 931st Air Refueling Wing Citizen Airmen commute to McConnell Air Force Base, Kan., every month from outside the local area.

Commuting Citizen Airmen are reminded to Reservations must be made in the Automated Lodging Reservation System before noon Monday, prior to UTA. Reservations can be made in advance for the entire fiscal year.

The ALRS provides a means for Citizen Airmen to call and reserve a room for Unit Training Assemblies or Annual Active Duty Training. Citizen Airmen can also check on, make changes to, or even cancel existing reservations with minimal manpower.

To accommodate the large number of room reservations needed to house Citizen Airmen with the growing unit, the 931 ARW implemented the ALRS summer 2015.

“Before this system was implemented, I was spending about two hours a day of my civilian time Monday through Friday scheduling reservations,” said Stephanie Foster, 931st Force Support Squadron lodging manager. “With the ALRS in place, that time has been reduced to a quarter of that to double-check last-minute changes the week prior to UTA.”

Tentative cutoff dates and their corresponding training weekends for Fiscal Year 2017 are as follows:

•26 Sep. for 1-2 Oct.
•31 Oct. for 5-6 Nov.
•28 Nov. for 3-4 Dec.
•2 Jan. for 7-8 Jan.
•30 Jan. for 4-5 Feb.
•27 Feb. for 4-5 Mar.
•27 Mar. for 1-2 Apr.
•1 May for 6-7 May
•29 May for 3-4 Jun.
•The July 2017 UTA is scheduled in conjunction with the August 2017 UTA
•31 Jul. for 3-6 Aug.
•28 Aug. for 9-10 Sep.

Citizen Airmen will need to know their commercial duty phone number, their user ID number and PIN, and the starting and ending dates of the reservation — generally Friday through Sunday of a UTA weekend.
User ID numbers and are randomly generated by the ALRS and disseminated to individual unit lodging POCs.

To make a reservation, call the ALRS at (316)759-0583.

For more information, to report a problem or to provide feedback regarding the ALRS system, contact the 931 ARW Lodging Manager at (316)-249-3992.