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  • McConnell Airmen prepare for RAGBRAI

    For most people, the thought of biking hundreds of miles through unfamiliar rugged territory is not only daunting, it's exhausting. For four McConnell Airmen, this is how they will spend their Saturday mornings for the next four weeks.The Airmen are participating in the Register's Annual Great Bicycle Ride Across Iowa. For the Air Force, the
  • Integrity First: McConnell Senior NCO sets example

    Master Sgt. James Carter could have simply walked away.It would have been so easy. No one saw his car door, propelled by a violent gust of Kansas wind, swing wide open and slam into the side of the vehicle parked next to him. No one heard the dull thump of the impact. No one saw the dent it left behind.No one, that is, except Carter and his
  • The business of the boom

    Senior Master Sgt. Ray Lewis spends the majority of his work days lying flat on his stomach, cruising at more than 500 miles per hour, 30,000 feet above the surface of the earth, passing gas.It isn't a typical nine-to-five job ... but then again, Lewis' particular field of expertise isn't exactly typical either.Lewis is a refueling boom operator
  • Comic book creator reflects on Air Force Reserve experience

    When writers introduce a character to the comic super hero canon, they usually begin with a common theme. The protagonist possesses some raw talent and power but lacks the competence and confidence to effectively transmit those skills into any great accomplishment. In fact, the greatest enemy of the new character is often a lack of