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  • Budget Officer receives ‘incentive’

    When Lt. Col. James Brock, our maintenance squadron commander asked if I was interested in taking an incentive flight, I immediately responded “Sure – that should be fun” . A few days later I received word from the 22nd Air Refueling Wing that I was chosen for the flight. I had a few concerns – what if I am on the plane and the crew members are
  • Hawaii C-E

    Most venture to the Hawaiian Islands to enjoy a sun filled vacation on the beach, complete with leis, hula girls and coconuts; on the other hand, the 931st Civil Engineer Squadron spent their time there with power tools, heavy machinery and elbow grease. (Well okay, maybe they had a little fun too.) Members of the squadron, along with other Air
  • 'Vipers' patrol desert to keep Airmen, aircraft safe

    Sounds of radio traffic fill the air, “Viper four this is Viper one, meet me at hilltop 140,” as patrols cautiously maneuver four-wheel drive vehicles through rough desert terrain at an undisclosed location in Southwest Asia. Defenders of the 386th Expeditionary Security Forces Squadron stand ready to protect lives and secure the installation in a deployed environment by going outside the wire each day as part of Viper Patrol.
  • Clergy get 'lifted' by 931st ARG

    What circumstances would dictate having 21 clergy aboard a routine refueling mission in the skies over the Great Plains? A pretty serious In Flight Emergency? A superstitious crew? A ‘Clergy Lift’? The latter would be correct. On April 8, clergy from local places of worship flew on a mission aboard a KC-135R Stratotanker with the 931st Air
  • Barbershop Tale

    Airmen do it all the time. They open the door, grab a ticket, have a seat and wait their turn. Some read magazines. Others listen to the  ol’timer already in his chair, getting his hair cut and talking the dust off his shelf of military memories. The visit to the base barber shop  has been part of Senior Master Sgt. Chuck Smith’s routine for more
  • Busting CAC Myths

    Rumors and urban legends are circulating that the “gold chip” on the Common Access Card (CAC) contains people’s DNA, family member information or even a complete copy of a worker’s official government records.“This simply is not the case,” said Major Martin Solis, Chief, Identity Management Branch at the Air Force Communications Agency. The gold
  • 'Cops' conquer Kirkuk

    Six members of the 931st Security Forces have returned home after deploying to Kirkuk Air Base, Iraq to serve as a vital piece of a four team squadron.The 931st SF team, along with the 916th SF out of Seymour Johnson Air Force Base, N.C., 514th SF from McGuire AFB, N.J. and the 349th SF based at Travis AFB, Calif. teamed up to form the 506th