Deployment Q&A’s

  • Published
  • Headquarters Air Force Reserve Command

1. Q: Are all deployments cancelled for the Air Force Reserve?
A: Deployments are not cancelled, but the Secretary of Defense has ordered a stop movement for all OCONUS deployments with exceptions. Airmen will start deployment orders in accordance with their AF 938. Airmen are still required to complete pre-deployment training and should confirm with the training POC that classes are still scheduled, prior to departure from home station. Airmen will return to home station at completion of training. Airmen will not proceed to deployed location until directed.

2. Q: Will my Reserve Citizen Airman return from his/her deployment on time?
A: Mobilized Airman are still expected to return home at their TDY expiration date, unless there is a SECDEF approved extension. Airmen that have volunteered to deploy (12301d) have the option to extend in theater with Combatant Commander’s approval. Airmen that do not elect to extend will return at their TDY expiration date. All redeployers should expect travel delays upon return to CONUS.

3. Q: Will I have to quarantine before I deploy and what happens if my civilian employer can’t support this?
A: Currently, there is no official directive to quarantine members before deploying. After members start their AF 938, they are required to clear medical screening prior to departure to the deployed location. Medical screening will determine if you need to be quarantined. Your quarantine location will be at the discretion of your unit commander.

4. Q: Will my Airman have to quarantine when they return from their deployment? Where?
A: Pre and Post-deployment medical screening will determine if an Airman needs to be quarantined. Your quarantine location will be at the discretion of your unit commander.

5. Q: Can I, as a family member, join my Airman in quarantine?
A: No, the intent of quarantine is to prevent the spread of the disease.

6. Q: What is Restriction of Movement (ROM) and whom does it pertain to?
A: ROM is required for all Airmen that have traveled through a Centers for Disease Control (CDC) Travel Health Notice (THN) Level 2 or 3 country via military or commercial means. Members will be placed in ROM at an appropriate location at the discretion of their commander for 14 days (beginning the day of departure from the Level 2 or 3 country).

7. Q: Will quarantine be in addition to normal post-deployment processing time?
A: Upon completion of ROM, Airmen will complete normal post deployment actions to include downtime and leave. Airmen must complete all processing action to include SHPE and TAP, but may elect to forfeit a part or all of their downtime after required in-processing action are complete. Additionally, Airmen have the option to forego (e.g., carryover, sell) earned leave.

8. Q: Will I remain on orders/in status while in quarantine? Who pays for it?
A: Airmen who test COVID-19 positive, will transition from a deployment order to a pre-MEDCON order. Members will continue to receive pay and benefits.

9. Q: What if one of my family members contracts COVID-19; can I redeploy early to care for my family?
A: Any hardship requests initiated at the unit level, will require endorsement by the first GO in the chain of command and coordinated by the FGC for an “Exception to Policy” (ETP). ETPs are not guaranteed and must be approved by the Joint Staff DJ-3.

10. Q: If I’m delayed in theater due to the stop movement and my tour has ended, what should I do about my orders?
A: Orders should not end in theater due to Stop Movement. The Force Generation Center is currently monitoring all TDY expiration dates and coordinating with unit IPRs to extend orders in accordance with applicable laws and policy.

11. Q: If I am a family member, who can I contact to ask deployment and redeployment questions?
A: Family members are encouraged to stay in contact with Airmen, and are welcome to contact the unit’s commander or 1st Sgt to for up-to-date deployment and redeployment information.

12. Q: If I am a commander, who can I contact for deployment and redeployment questions?
A: Your Installation Deployment Readiness Center (IDRC) is your first resource for deployment/redeployment questions. If they can’t answer your questions, contact the Force Generation Center (FGC) at DSN 497-0003 (Comm: 418-327-0003). You can also email questions to the applicable FGC workflow.