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  • AFRC's Outstanding Airmen of the Year recognized

    More than 200 leaders from Air Force Reserve Command and the surrounding community came together at the Waverly Hotel in Atlanta, Georgia April 15 for a ceremony to honor the nation's top Citizen Airmen.The nominees from AFRC's Numbered Air Forces were also recognized for their outstanding contributions to the Air Force and its global mission. Lt.
  • McConnell Reservists sharpen combat skills

    The growl of diesel engines rumbles through the air as the convoy of Humvees slowly makes its way down a narrow muddy roadway.  Gunners stand in the vehicle turrets, constantly scanning the roadside for enemy threats while keeping an eye out for improvised explosive devices.  The area is a known hotbed of hostile activity and while things have been
  • Not just another Tuesday: Air Force Reserve marks 67 years

    On April 14, 1948, a joint directive signed by Gen. Omar Bradly, the Army Chief of Staff, and Gen. Carl Spaatz, the Air Force Chief of Staff, transferred the Army Air Corps Reserve to the Air Force, officially becoming the Air Force Reserve.After more than 67 years in existence, the Air Force Reserve continues to play a significant role in the
  • AF announces KC-46A candidate bases

     Air Force officials announced April 14 that Tinker Air Force Base, Oklahoma; Seymour-Johnson AFB, North Carolina; Westover Air Reserve Base, Massachusetts; and Grissom ARB, Indiana are candidate bases for the first Air Force Reserve-led KC-46A Pegasus location.The KC-46As will begin arriving at the first Air Force Reserve-led Global Mobility Wing
  • Total force effort five 'clicks' at a time

    The KC-135 Stratotanker has four F108 engines, and during the April Unit Training Assembly the Number 3 engine on the right inboard side of the aircraft needed to be removed.  While this process is routinely done overseas, it was a rare treat for the Airmen of the 931st Maintenance Squadron.The 8,000 pound engine was removed April 12. The process
  • Air Force Reserve 67th Birthday Celebration

    Col. Mark S. Larson, commander of the Air Force Reserve 931st Air Refueling, along with management from the McConnell Air Force Base Army and Air Force Exchange Service, celebrated the 67th birthday of the Air Force Reserve with a cake cutting ceremony during the April unit training assembly, April 12, 2015.  Several members of the 931st Air