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  • Airmen appreciate targeted act of kindness

    While I waited in a restaurant drive thru, perused the menu and considered the available food options that afternoon, I wasn't paying much attention to the world around me. The car in front of me was just another sports coupe. The driver, just another stranger I would notice momentarily and then permanently banish from my memory. I didn't notice
  • A little ESGR education can go a long way

    Upon completion of my five-level seasonal training, I submitted my application for reemployment to my employer, asking to return to my pre-service position. I received a warm welcome and everyone in the shop expressed appreciation for my service to our country. During my reintegration back into the company, Human Resources stated that I would have
  • A snowstorm, a shovel and a lesson

    "This is one big mess."Those were my thoughts as I peered out the window of my second floor apartment at a vast blanket of white covering the ground. The sidewalks, steps, and parking lot of the complex were buried under more than 14 inches of snow, dumped on the area courtesy of the second-largest snowstorm on record for Wichita.Having relocated
  • A veteran, a hero

    A few years ago I had the experience of a lifetime.I spent an entire weekend with one of my heroes.And for once the hero actually lived up to the title.Growing up, I had plenty of heroes. Most emerged from the world of sports. The walls of my bedroom were plastered with posters of guys like Michael Jordan, Joe Montana, and Larry Bird. My heroes,
  • Don't Let Summer Get the Best of You

    Summer gives us warmer and longer days to enjoy outdoor activities. Yet, if we let the activities go unplanned, summer will get the best of us. Here are some tips to let summer know you make the call on being safe.Motorcycle Safety TipsThe Motorcycle Foundation recommends the following tips to help motorcycle riders be seen by other motorist on the
  • The Disappearing Waist Trick

    Everyone experiences defining, often life-changing moments that leave indelible marks upon their lives. These instances can often be so dramatic that years later, the person can still describe what they were doing when the moment occurred. I have had many as I am sure most have, and one of mine happened in December 2005 when I traveled to Houston,